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Soul Water Coffee was created with one intention:
To bring people together over laughter and the highest quality cup of coffee.

Soul Water is owned by Stephie, a native Oklahoman, who fell in love with all things coffee during the (extremely) cold winters of college at The University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis. By taking refuge in coffee shops, she began to understand the power of a cup of coffee to unite community. She then moved to San Francisco, where she became passionate about the sustainability of direct trade and importance of supporting local specialty coffee. Overjoyed that she now calls Colorado Springs home, she seeks to invest in the community and inspire people to #gatheranywhere over coffee drinks.

Our Coffee

Soul Water is based out of Colorado Springs and prides itself in using local roasters with a heart for sustainability. SWC friends and partners are ever growing — below are just a few:

Each cup of coffee supports a local business and a relationship with direct trade coffee farms.

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Soul Water caters to any and all events where people gather, serving the highest quality locally roasted espresso drinks, pour overs, cold brew and tea. You can expect to relax, commune, laugh and thoughtlessly enjoy an amazing cup of coffee.
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